Di Arte (of art) is an online gallery exhibiting artist's journey through his lens.

Di Arte's art collection can be used as a gift or personal possession that you will be proud of, to possess or adorn your décor.

We offer selection of exclusive photographic art prints. All of our photographs are printed on Fine Art Archival Paper with Ultra Chrome High Dynamic Range Inks for extra long life and color saturation.




An artist, Tejpartap Singh Sandhu, is gifted with the camera being his proverbial third-eye. Blessed with such an eye, he is explorative and investigative in the domain of Nature. 

He believes that Nature is beauty being the purest manifestation of God himself in countless shapes and forms, rhymes and hues, light and shade, colors and tones.

An artist invites you to get close to Nature, to enjoy its mysteries, to discover the hidden message, to feel it and to live it. He desires you to try and verify the presence, an effect through selective glimpses of Nature- patiently and studiedly photographed to be preserved and loved.

Tejpartap has translated his passion for photography into his profession, thereby instilling liveliness in a captured frame. His pictures reveal the azure, the turquoise and the indigo of the sky and the ochre, the sienna and the gold of the earth in a sweeping manner. He has paid a tribute to the glory of the creator, and his work appeals to the connoisseur as well as the layman. 

An artist has put up several exhibitions across India in the last three decades and won critical acclaim.